If you are looking for a location for a film or photographic shoot, or to register your property with an agency, then you have come to the right place.

Our library of Spain and UK locations was born in 2018 in London matching the needs of the film and photographic industries to the locations since then.

With hundreds of locations to choose from already, we’re always looking for more to add to our extensive collection.

We serve as a bridge between Spain and the UK, helping producers and directors in finding locations and filming abroad.

We also provide Human Resources and Technical Equipment and we work with the best suppliers in Spain and the UK.

We are a collective of creative and professional minds and a genuine desire to nurture lasting relationships with our clients.

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If you are interested in using your property as a location for photoshoots, TV, or film please visit Register (click here).

Please send images and a brief description of your property in order for it to be considered as a location. There is no ‘right’ location as there are plenty of briefs e varied and dependent on many factors such as style, size, interiors, layout, features, and location.